The 5 Affiliate Niches of the Future

The saturation of the most popular niches for affiliate marketers has become a real problem in the last few years. It is now more difficult than ever to penetrate the most common markets, because those at the top of the search engine rankings have spent a huge amount of money and hours cultivating that position. As a result affiliates are being forced to think outside the box in order to find new niches which can offer them profit potential. In some cases affiliates are delving more and more narrowly into niches and having success – however even with this method it isn’t easy to discover those untapped markets because most have already been filled. Therefore, one of the best options open to affiliates is to move into the very latest niches. Staying ahead of the competition in this way can bring fantastic short term returns, and you can also cement a place at the top of the search engine in anticipation of further growth.

This article gives you some ideas for the niches with the biggest potential moving forward – remember I am an affiliate marketing expert though so I may be slightly biased towards my particular expertise. However I do believe the general characteristics of the products included below are applicable across most niches, and furthermore represent a good basis to begin your own research. There really is a lot of money to be made, you just need to capitalise on the best new niches before the chance passes you by. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Social Networking and Bookmarking

This is the first niche area I’d recommend moving into and is very specific to my own sphere of knowledge. Affiliate marketing targeted products now represent the largest share of the whole affiliate industry (encompassing get rich quick schemes, niche guides, training schemes etc.)- as a result any change that can offer affiliates a new way to make money means big business. The biggest recent change is the invention of social networking and bookmarking, and many affiliates still haven’t got to grips with the new opportunities. If you can promote these products and highlight the value of social networking then there’s a lot of people willing to learn – I have said before that affiliates, driven by money, are far more susceptible to buying money making products and social networking is no exception.

  • Personalised Products

This is a niche that spans across a great range of businesses, the general concept is the same though and the industry is only growing in popularity. For instance people are looking for a more personalised online experience nowadays and this is also spreading into the real world. People are buying their own T-shirts for hen nights, holidays and any other group occasion – if you can refer people to these websites they will give a generous commission. Other products that are in huge demand are things like personalised baby clothes and products, personalised golf balls and even jigsaws, free magnets and birthday cards. It isn’t easy to find high paying affiliate programmes in this niche, but you can use this to your advantage because it has meant the industry is less competitive.

  • Online Dating

Online dating has been a busy niche for many years now, but the affiliate market is only just taking off. With busy modern lifestyles, and the invention of social networking, the market is also changing rapidly and the affiliate schemes becoming more powerful in response. The top schemes pay good commissions and signups can push themselves – there are a lot of people interested and the best way to succeed is to tap into the specific niche of local area. Don’t be too general – find people their perfect partner right on their doorstep and you can convert excellently.

  • Gambling

The gambling industry in the UK and Australia is booming -in contrast the US laws against internet gambling makes things more difficult there but you shouldn’t be restricted by geography.

The real advantage with gambling affiliate programs though is the recurring commissions you can build up very quickly – for instance, with each sign up you will typically earn between 20 and 30 per cent commission on total revenue. If you can get 100 people to sign up, and they are spending $100 each per month, you have already hit the $2000 mark. This recurring income can run on autopilot for you but the more work you put in at the beginning, the better your results will be. As I say gambling online is becoming increasingly popular and so more affiliates are moving in – I’d recommend steering clear of casino guides and narrowing down to focus on specific sporting or poker events. Remember your sign-ups can keep making you a massive amount of money even after the event itself is over.

  • Pay Day Loans

This is a slightly more ethically questionable niche but pay day loans does offer a fantastic opportunity for affiliates. You can earn repeating commissions on the profits on loans and some very reputable companies offer top affiliate programs- these companies are also seeing huge growth so your sales are liable to increase with them in the next few years. The real beauty though is that the market is not yet saturated, and that you can benefit from the extensive TV and media advertising which is preselling to the market.

Obviously all the products I have discussed are only some basic ideas for you to take away with you. You should try to take away an idea of those characteristics which define these products as ones to look out for, and use these as a guide for your own research. I haven’t been able to go very narrow and mention specific programs however this is really where your research comes in – spend a bit of time delving into the latest niches and there are profitable niches out there to make you rich.

Choosing Revenue Option For Poker Affiliate Programs

One of the most profitable niches for an affiliate marketer is with no doubt poker. If you have a poker site making money it is fairly easy, but make sure you are choosing the right commission model for your affiliate program; fixed commission, rev share or a combination of both. Use this fairly simple way of calculating which to choose.

Sending players to various online poker rooms is a lucrative business. Due to the very high competition, the poker affiliate programs need to offer very high commissions to attract new affiliates. For webmasters, this is as good as it gets.

The typical poker affiliate program offers variations of commission, making it possible for you to analyze your traffic and referred players, helping you choose the best model for you and your site. It is not always easy to know the break-even point for revenue share vs. fixed commission, but if you know your visitors, all you need is a calculator.

You need some information about the players you refer. This is sometimes hard to know, but usually you can use a rough estimate. The more information available to you, the better you will understand your players. Try to find out – or guess – the following:

Referred players average limit (player level)

Type of game preferred (limit/no-limit, stud, Omaha etc.)

Table size preferences (usually 6 or 10 players/table)

To find this information out, you can use any method available; a poll on your page isn’t a bad idea, one or a few easy questions will get many answers, making it easier to estimate the above details. There are numerous ways of getting to know your visitors, but that would be another topic, and therefore beyond the scope of this article. If you have no information about your visitors, or if you are yet to build your site, look at a few different levels (of limit games) to see the impact on your revenue. The same applies with table size and type of game, investigate and evaluate.

What you need to know about the affiliate program is the following:

Rake percentage (the percentage the poker room earns from every pot)

Revenue share (the percentage of the rake paid to the affiliate)

Average number of players on active tables (on the referrer’s player level)

Find the average number of players seated at the tables, as well as the average pot. This information is given at almost all poker rooms. If you can’t find the information in the affiliate interface, log in as a player and look directly at the tables.

Then calculate as follows:

(rake percentage x average pot x revenue share) / average seated players.

This gives you the average commission for one played hand.

Look at their fixed commissions and do another quick calculation:

Fixed commission / earnings per hand.

This gives you the number of hands the referred players has to be part of, before you make more from revenue share than from the fixed commission.

If you want to know the time each player has to spend in the poker room to make up for the fixed commission, all you need to find is the average pots per hour. This information is also available in almost every poker room. Then simply calculate:

Number of hands (from the calculation above) / hands per hour.

Giving you an estimate of the time each player has to spend in the poker room before you start earning more than the fixed commission.

Now you have a few more parameters to consider before choosing your revenue model, take your time – it is well worth it.